LEGO Worlds 1.0

PC game that leads you to adventure block by block and brick by brick

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Lego Worlds is an open-world sandbox game similar to Minecraft, involving exploration and building.

To start, the final game is not expected to be released until the first quarter of 2017, so the following information is released on the most recent beta build.

Just like in Minecraft, in Lego Worlds you can destroy practically everything in the environment. The main difference is that Lego Worlds has much less grinding that Minecraft does. You can practically explore any piece of the environment from the very beginning, without having to hunt down specific crafting materials.

On the downside, the crafting panel can be tedious. All of the crafting has to be done from the games main third-person perspective, which makes brick laying with precision often quite difficult. You will find yourself tearing apart many things and starting over due to a simple placement mistake. To offset this, the game does provide many pre-built props for you to use at your disposal. Though most of these look great, it can take some of the fun out of the creation process.

One incredibly fun aspect of Lego Worlds is just exploring the environment, which is incredibly easy to do. You can ride almost anything, from wolves to elephants. Exploration rewards you with new enemies to battle and secrets to uncover. The game seems to throw new surprises at you around almost every corner, making exploring every nook and cranny of the game world feel incredibly rewarding.

Overall, Lego Worlds is looking to be a top contender in the sandbox building game world. With its easy-to-access built and the brand recognition that Lego's provides, Lego Worlds should easily rise to to the top of the genre. We will know more once the full release comes out in quarter one of 2017.


  • Incredibly fun to explore
  • Easy to get started for beginners
  • Far less grind than similar titles in the genre


  • Building controls can be tricky due to the third person perspective

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